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        British Columbia Travel Guide
        The unofficial BC Travel & Tourism Guide

        BC Destinations

        Map of British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Kootenay Rockies Northern BC Thompson Okanagan Vancouver Coast & Mountains, Sunshine Coast Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands
        Destination Quick Select

        BC Getaways

        Take some time to relax and getaway or enjoy a romantic weekend with your partner.
        Browse BC Getaways

        BC Accommodations

        BC has a variety of different accommodations, from Hotels to Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Lodges and Mountain Lodges, Guest Ranches or Hostels for the individual younger traveler who wants to experience it close up.

        For the independent traveler who wants to stay longer at one place there are Vacation rentals or Cabins.

        If you prefer to be closer to nature you can check out our RV Parks, Campgrounds or if you travel by boat you might want to look at BC marinas.

        Still not sure what you are looking for? Browse the complete list of all BC accommodations.

        Things to do in BC

        Whale Watching, Wildife Viewing, Fishing, Golfing and many other things to do. Whether you travel along the West Coast, the Lower Mainland or through the Interior of British Columbia, each region offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and fun activities. Explore this magnificent land by foot, horseback, ski or snowmobile. Our province is also known for its artisan communities, Aboriginal history and heritage sites. A culinary destination, B.C. will surprise you with wineries and breweries.

        B.C. offers some of the best hiking and mountain-biking in all of North America as well as terrific skiing, snowboarding and golf resorts. Vancouver Island is considered the perfect place for whale-watching, ocean kayaking, fishing and sailing.

        BC Arts, Culture & Heritage

        Discover BC's Arts, Culture and Heritage. Take a hike in one of the many Regional, Provincial and National Parks or visit BC's attractions and heritage sites.

        More interested in workshops or festivals? Check out our events area for more information about what's going on in British Columbia.

        To find out more about BC's talented artists, visit their online shops on GoBC or enjoy a BC Arts & Studio Tour.
        Plan your perfect trip to British Columbia, Canada! You can select your vacation destination directly on the right if you already know where to go in B.C., or go to BC Destinations for an alphabetical Index to learn about the communities that make B.C. one of the best places in the world, such as Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler or Tofino.
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